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For many oenophiles, having a vast collection of wine is more than just a personal hobby. Being a collector exudes a certain kind of luxury and depending on the size of your collection, it may also make you the envy of your social circle. A great way to impress your guests is to have a jaw-dropping custom wine racking system in either your home or restaurant. And in order to do that, it helps to be aware of the latest wine racking design trends. Wine racking for homes and restaurants can follow similar design trends, so here’s a look at what’s trending in the wine racking world right now.

Open Wine Rooms

Open wine rooms are a trend that homeowners are borrowing from restaurants. Instead of housing their wine on wood and brick shelving, homeowners are turning to frameless, glass encasements that run from the floor to the ceiling. The visual experience these wine racks create can be stunning, and the design can flow effortlessly into adjacent rooms of your home. It’s an eye-catching way to draw attention to your collection and make it a focal point of your room.

Put Your Wine Room Front and Centre

Many restaurants have designed custom wine racks to serve a dual purpose: to act as a showroom for their patrons, as well as storage space for their vast collection. This trend appeals to homeowners since it allows them to design a room that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional while spotlighting their unique tastes. Designing a room in your house gives you the opportunity to show off your creativity, so why would a wine cellar be any different? With designers becoming more and more ambitious, homeowners are able to have their wine collections front and centre, rather than hidden away in the basement.
custom wine racking for restaurants and homes

Contemporary Wine Racking Is the Way to Go

There’s a certain kind of allure in seeing your entire wine collection floating in sequence across the walls of your home. With its clean lines and simple approach, these wine racks give off the impression that your collection is being displayed effortlessly. Stainless steel cables within a climate-controlled glass enclosure provide a sharper aesthetic than any other material. In fact, many homeowners are choosing lighter metals such as stainless steel and glass over traditional heavier materials, such as wood, for numerous décor pieces in their homes today due to their minimalist nature and streamlined appearance.

Wine Rooms the New Fun Space

When hosting guests for some wine and appetizers, it isn’t uncommon to find guests congregating in the kitchen at some point (where the wine and appetizers are likely served). But thanks to the increasing creativity of cellar designers, modern wine cellars can be designed with entertaining in mind. Building a wine tasting room immediately adjacent to the wine cellar that can act as an entertainment space gives guests the opportunity to relax and socialize, as well as view your expansive collection. This room can be designed in a way that keeps the wine cellar visible and accessible from that space without intruding on the rigid conditions necessary to keep wine at its finest.

Transitional Stylings to Merge Surroundings

Many restaurant owners and homeowners still prefer traditional wine cellar designs; however, they also appreciate the stylistic value of incorporating aspects of modern cellar designs into their vision. The intent of transitional stylings is to take traditional wine cellar designs, such as wood or stone, and add a contemporary flare inspired by the latest trends, such as using metal racks or glass. The final product is a stunning blend of two styles that instantly enhances the look and feel of your home.
Cable Wine Systems is the creator of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market. Our award-winning stainless steel and brass-chromed wine racks are a designer’s dream: they are sleek, durable, and can be worked to fit nearly any space in a home or a restaurant. For more information on the CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking system and how we can provide customized solutions for luxury homeowners worldwide, contact us today.

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