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As homeowners explore new ways to add luxury to their homes, high-end kitchen designs are becoming a more desired choice. Home interior trends, particularly for the luxury market, often focus on adding elegance to bedrooms, recreation rooms, dens, and other areas of the home that are centred on comfort. Yet the kitchen is an essential part of every home and is where owners, their family, guests, and patrons spend much of their time.
Upscale kitchens are a growing trend in the luxury home market, where there’s a desire to bring sophistication to a room that’s often neglected. Luxury kitchen designs find ways to imbue the functions of a kitchen with the elegance and comfort of luxury living. For high net worth buyers, upscale kitchens are a key selling point. With wealthy homeowners trying to outdo one another, there are many new and innovative trends in luxury kitchen design.luxury kitchen

An Open Layout

When done with tasteful design, opening up a kitchen is one popular way to add both comfort and sophistication. Luxury homeowners are moving kitchens away from being boxed in, confining, or closed off from other parts of the home; instead, they are allowing the space to breathe and use a more dynamic design. With open-concept designs, kitchen interiors feel larger and more extravagant. Walls and doors can be removed, allowing for people to easily glide between the kitchen and other rooms. Often, kitchen islands are used to replace counters, creating a focal point in the room and allowing for more space when entertaining guests.

Luxury Finishes

Upscale kitchens have found ways to remove unsightly appliances by integrating them into the design using luxury finishes. With elegant oak, stone, and natural marble, kitchens can now feature beautiful cabinets that actually house refrigerated or heated drawers, in-wall coolers, and wine-pouring devices. Finishes like oak and marble allow kitchens to convey a more regal look, but the use of in-wall appliances and features can add functional value—as well as impress the guests at your next party.

Commercial-Grade Appliances

Having the best in home appliances isn’t enough anymore—now, wealthy buyers are looking for homes featuring the commercial-grade appliances that can be found in a high-end restaurant or social club. Everything from sub-zero refrigerators, ice makers, and wood-fired ovens are now being used in luxury home interiors. Outside of the kitchen itself, adjoining wine cellars or butlers’ pantries can add even greater value. Commercial-grade kitchens also allow for the hiring of private chefs and caterers during parties and social gatherings for a truly great effect when hosting guests at your home.

Modern Traditional Style

Updating a kitchen with more modern designs is one way to transform the look of an interior and add both elegance and beauty. In kitchens, modern design means moving away from the common styles that we typically associate with kitchen interiors. Stainless steel is a popular choice in modern designs, giving kitchens an ultra-sleek look. Counters can be replaced with exotic natural stone, while drab tile is giving way to marble or even elegant hardwood flooring. Colored LED lighting can add a dynamic twist. By updating the style of the kitchen, homeowners can create more impressive, visually striking spaces.

Wine Section

When hosting parties or having intimate dinners, a selection of wine is a must for the wealthy homeowner. Having a wine rack is a great way to impress guests, show off your collection, and add sophistication to your home. While some homeowners will try to integrate wine storage into their upscale kitchen, this is typically not advised. Kitchens are considered one of the worst places to store wine as they are often too bright and have fluctuating temperatures. Wine should be stored in temperature-controlled spaces, which are difficult (but not impossible) to maintain in a kitchen. Adding an adjoining or nearby wine cellar can be one way to store and showcase your wine collection and add luxury to your home.

Adding Luxury to Your Kitchen with Cable Wine Systems

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