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The popularity of wine cellars among luxury homeowners is rising faster than ever. It’s considered to be a must-have before homes are even purchased. And with existing luxury homeowners, the discussion is how to best incorporate wine cellars or modern wine racks within their home. Designers have been tasked with figuring out unique ways to adhere to the wishes of luxury homeowners and be clever in their usage of space.
In a time of seemingly unlimited home décor possibilities, luxury home interior designers certainly have their work cut out for them. As a result of having a larger budget to work with, luxury home designers are given the freedom to be truly creative in order to design something special and unique.

Endless Possibilities for Modern Home Designs

As a result of the increased popularity of wine consumption within the last decade, one of the “must have” design elements that most luxury homeowners now desire is a designated space to store their wine. Whether the homeowners are wine connoisseurs with a vast collection, or modest collectors with just enough wine for an impromptu dinner party, today’s luxury home owners often want their wine on display to appreciate and enjoy. From custom built cabinets to fully functional wine rooms, affluent consumers are seeking out ways to make their wine collection stand out. And with the advent of more streamlined and creative wine racking solutions entering the marketplace, interior designers have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to designing a wine storage area unlike any other.
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Contemporary Wine Racks: Must-Have Accessories for Home Interiors

It wasn’t too long ago when only a serious wine collector would consider installing a wine cellar in his or her home. Times have changed, and luxury homeowners who enjoy entertaining and have an appreciation for wine are also incorporating wine storage areas into their homes. And although practicality and function used to be considered the priority when installing a wine cellar, today’s luxury home owners are much more concerned about the style and impact that their wine room can add to their overall living area.

It’s All About Sophistication

There are very few spaces in a luxury home that have the potential to reflect a homeowners sense of style and sophistication as much as a wine cellar. Eye-catching wine cellars equipped with a variety of modern wine racking options have become the new benchmark for most contemporary luxury homes.

Luxury Home Design Trends

There is always something new trending when it comes to home design. With luxury home design, those trends are even more auspicious. Indoor pools and outdoor kitchens, touch screen everything, and of course modern wine cellars. These are just a few of the current luxury home trends designers are faced with. The challenge is in continually coming up with new ways to stand out and make an impression that will surpass homeowners’ expectations and leave them wanting more.
The Cable Wine System is one of the most attractive and versatile wine racking options available anywhere. This award-winning wine racking system offers the style and sophistication luxury homeowners are looking for and can be customized to fit in almost anywhere. For more information about the CABLE WINE SYSTEM, contact us today or call us at 1-855-313-WINE (9463) now.

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