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Our Wine Racking Systems Can Fit Wine Collections of Any Size

Wine racking has grown beyond simply making racks of set dimensions for all clients. These days, many more considerations are affecting the racking systems. Some of such factor include the increasing demand for more versatile racks, with studier designs and appealing allure. Thanks to continuous technological advancement and research into materials and metallurgy, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS remain at the top of the pack. 
At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we believe in meeting the peculiar needs of every wine collector, thus, we understand the challenges involved with having to store wine bottles that fail to fit into existing cellar arrangements. It naturally makes for a messier environment and increases the risk of injury and losses in terms of broken wine bottles. To solve these challenges, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS have made our racks to fit whatever dimensions of wine you have.

When We Build Our Racks

When building our racks, we have three basic considerations. All wine bottles cannot be the same in size, shape, and weight. So we build our racks to favor every single one of these criteria.
Our racks are painstakingly designed to accommodate bottles of any size. It really doesn’t matter what size your bottles are. We have a solution for everyone, plus, you need not worry about the integration of such cable racks into your space, as our team of seasoned experts ensures that functionality and looks remain at the topmost part of our priorities.  
At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we specialize in the manufacture and implementation of racks, and as such, possess years of unbeatable experience in this regard. We understand the industry-standard range of traditional wine bottles, as well as the guidelines to ensure that the wine remains in the best condition possible overtime. 
This is why we build our wine racks in such a unique manner to accommodate bottles of different shapes.
Equally important is the weight of the bottles. All wine bottles don’t weigh the same. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS has combated this challenge by making our racks from the best materials possible. Our racks are strong enough to hold in any kind of wine bottle you may want to place on them.
Our wine racks have been built to be versatile, and functional across the board. It doesn’t matter what brand you want to rack, simply trust us to be your universal wine racking system provider.

What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

  1. Quality 

Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. This has been achieved through a painstaking process of research and development to accommodate as many types, and dimensions of bottles as possible. Call it the democracy of wine bottles.

  1. Durability 

Our racks are built to last long. This is visible in the kind of materials that we use, the technology that goes into building them, as well as the care that is taken in the process of building (quality assurance). We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
Bottles come in sizes, shapes and weight, your rack comes in flexible cable. 
Do well to get one of our racks for your bottles. They would love it.

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