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Cable Wine Systems (www.cablewinesystems.com), a revolutionary cable wine racking system, is weighing in on Blue Apron’s decision to now deliver wine to homes.
Another small step has been taken in the tech world by meal delivery giant Blue Apron. Already delivering food items complete with recipes to doorsteps across America, the company has decided to branch out to include bottles of wine as part of their delivery service. (Source: Lufkin, B., “Now Apron Now Shipping Wine to Your House, Making You Even Lazier,” September 21, 2015 http://gizmodo.com/blue-apron-now-ships-wine-to-your-house-making-you-eve-1732111342)
“It only makes sense,” says Steve Papadimitriou, Owner of Cable Wine Systems. “We’ve spoken before about this generation’s increased appetite for wine as opposed to any other alcoholic beverage. It’s a logical move for a company like Blue Apron to capitalize on the trend.”
With an estimated worth of approximately $2.0 billion, Blue Apron is certainly looking in the right direction to expand its enterprise. Sommeliers handpick each bottle of wine to pair with the food also being delivered.
“They’re essentially adding value to their service,” Papadimitriou continues. “Much of the new generation of wine consumers aren’t doing so absentmindedly. They have a thorough understanding of the levels of wine available. Blue Apron understands these factors and is ensuring they match the expectations of its consumers.”
Papadimitriou goes on to say that much can be made of this delivery service, but the demand for wine is present. And according to Papadimitriou, this new taste for wine is something that is much more than a passing fad.
“We build custom wine racking systems for homeowners and so we see the demand every single day. We believe it’s much more than just a trend and actually just a preference by this generation. Their taste for wine is a behaviour that’s here to stay.”
Cable Wine Systems is the developer of a wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes and features a customizable design that can meet the owner’s preference.

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