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Cable Wine Systems (www.cablewinesystems.com), a revolutionary cable wine racking system, is weighing in on the effect Millennials are having on the wine industry.
According to a recent report in Fox News, Millennials are the fast-growing demographic among wine consumers and are having a large impact on traditional wine industry practice. (Source: Miskew, S. “5 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Wine World,” FoxNews.com, September 29, 2015; www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/10/29/5-ways-millennials-are-changing-wine-world/)
“Wine is seeing a resurgence among Millennials and that is being reflected in a lot of the decisions being made in the wine industry,” says Steve Papadimitriou, owner of Cable Wine Systems. “Everything from the types of wine being released to the way wine is being marketed is influenced by a younger demographic.”
Sparkling sweet wines and affordable options are seeing a significant uptick in sales, with producers releasing new options targeted towards Millennials.
“Millennials typically are informed consumers and put some thought into the purchases they make,” says Papadimitriou. “They’re not as prone to splurging as baby boomers, which means that wine producers are having to increase the diversity of their selection and appeal directly to Millennials’ sensibilities.”
Papadimitriou notes that Millennials often consider a variety of factors in selecting a wine. “Similar to what the report found, we’ve seen that these consumers select wines based on more than price. They want to know detailed information and they carefully make their decisions based on that.”
This has led to social media becoming a driving force in the wine industry, with mobile apps targeted towards wine connoisseurs and online stores which use viral marketing. Through social media, the wine industry has been able to engage with this demographic.
“Not only is social media being used to engage with a younger demographic, but it’s also helping to make them more versed in wine culture,” notes Papadimitriou. “With mobile apps and social media marketing, information about wine is now right at Millennials’ fingertips.”
With social media, Millennials aren’t just learning about wine, but are also trading recommendations and engaging in online discussions.
“Social media has been one of the biggest marketing factors for our company,” says Papadimitriou. “After word-of-mouth, it has been our website and social media profiles that generate the most interest for our wine-racking systems. These are the tools Millennials use to communicate now, so anyone who wants to engage with them has to be part of the online conversation.”
Cable Wine Systems is the developer of a wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes and features a customizable design that can meet the owner’s preference.

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