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Cable Wine Systems (www.cablewinesystems.com), a revolutionary cable wine racking system, is commenting on the increasingly popular wine shower trend in pre-wedding festivities.
Bridal showers have long been a staple for brides as a pre-wedding celebration leading up to the big day. Traditionally, female friends and family of the bride would gather together to present the bride with a variety of gifts that would help to furnish the new home she and her soon-to-be husband would live in after the wedding. These days however, with many couples already living together for months or even years before marriage, the need for typical household items is often no longer a necessity. As a result, some brides are finding more unique ways to celebrate, such as choosing to have a Wine Shower instead.
“Wine showers are an extension of how this generation is choosing to do things differently,” says Steve Papadimitriou, owner of Cable Wine Systems. “Brides-to-be are saying that they would rather not follow tradition of receiving household items that they often already own. This is a strong indication of just how much this generation actually appreciates their wine.”
The goal of the wine shower is to help couples establish a collection of quality wines that have special meaning or purpose, which is often a result of what they are or where they’ve come from. They are not only an inexpensive way of introducing the bride and groom to new varieties and vintages of wine, but they are also a way for more experienced wine drinkers to educate beginners. (Source: How to host a wine tasting for a bridal shower,” TopWeddingSites.com; http://www.topweddingsites.com/wedding-blog/pre-wedding-parties/bridal-showers/a-matter-of-taste-how-to-host-a-wine-tasting-for-a-bridal-shower, last accessed September 14, 2015.)
“Wine Showers also offer friends and family the opportunity to attach a story to the bottle of wine they are giving,” explains Papadimitriou. “What better way for a young couple to learn about different wine varieties than to read all the reasons why people enjoy a particular brand or vintage of wine?”
In line with this shift, it should also be noted that many newer high end housing developments have added a wine cellar option as yet another possible feature for couples to choose from when buying and designing their new home.
“Back in the day, most young people would never even dream of putting a wine cellar in their first home,” Papadimitriou concludes. “But this and future generations will likely look at them as just another potential room or feature in their home; similar to a home theatre or gym.”
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