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Cable Wine Systems (www.cablewinesystems.com), a revolutionary cable wine racking system, is weighing in on the trend of Millennials preferring to consume wine instead of beer.
A report by Morgan Stanley is showing that Millennials are shifting their tastes away from traditional consumption habits of beer and hard liquor and instead opting for wine. In addition, those Millennials still showing a preference for beer now largely opt for craft brews rather than major brand names. (Source: Lutz, A., “Millennials are drinking wine instead of beer and the industry is freaking out,” BusinessInsider.com, May 20, 2015; http://www.businessinsider.com/millennials-drinking-wine-instead-of-beer-2015-5.)
“It’s a cultural shift that’s been slowly occurring throughout all of North America,” says Steve Papadimitriou, Owner of Cable Wine Systems. “This generation just prefers to drink wine. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different than previous generations’ habits so people are taking notice.”
While Millennials are still relatively young in age, wine drinking is typically associated with an older demographic. That said, wine is not made for any specific age group and the consensus is not necessarily representative of wine drinkers.
“People have this image in their mind of individuals in their 50’s and 60’s sitting in front of a fireplace sipping a glass of red wine,” Papadimitriou explains. “And although it’s true that older people do obviously enjoy wine, we’re seeing clearly now that younger-aged wine drinkers are not an anomaly. They can appreciate the different flavours and textures of a fine wine just as well as their parents or grandparents can.”
This shift has large brewers concerned. The late 80s saw Budweiser moving up to 50 million barrels each year, but that number has been cut significantly to about 16 million barrels today. What’s even scarier for a company like Budweiser is that nearly half of Millennials aged 21–27 have never even tried their brand.
“It’s a different time and a different consumer base,” Papadimitriou concludes. “Every market is susceptible to change and the beer industry is certainly no different.”
Cable Wine Systems is the developer of a wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes and features a customizable design that can meet the owner’s preference. For more information, visit www.CableWineSystems.com.

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