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Since the COVID 19 pandemic, life has been turned on its head, and for most sectors of the economy. Most of the industries have experienced tremendous paradigm shifts in the manner of conducting business, and the wine industry is no exception. 

All the plans and the activities lined up for the year have been to large extents sabotaged. With the COVID lockdown still on, buying and selling of wine has taken a downward spiral. 


As the harvest season is calling us all out, we at Cable wine systems are hoping for a better harvest season. This is understandable since the events of the year have affected all other aspects of production. 

The truthful questions to ask are simple, what’s shinning here that should be shinning back at home. 

The disease has strongly affected labor, and if no measures are taken, the wine industry may take a blow come this harvest season. 


While the wine farmers continue to battle with the challenges of keeping production high in correlation with demand, wine tours, event tasting, and other activities within consumption spheres are relatively low, and for good reason.

The usual volume of drinks and excitement that dawned weddings have now been silenced, because of the raging pandemic. Almost every single outlet through which the industry made its profit is crippled due to the lock down. 


Is there any hope of salvaging the season? Well, there might yet be hope. 

All over the country, little changes are occurring, pointing wine enthusiasts, and industry players in the right direction. For example, patios and cottage camps have been given permission to open shop. If things go at this rate, then there might be some hope of salvaging this season, and having enough workers to handle the coming harvest.

Also, it is not clear that there would be any long-lasting effect on the wine industry yet, except that the wine industry is set to see changes in the mode of wine purchase, even in small-scale purchases. This may be attributed to the fact that the online pattern of ordering wine may leave a lasting impression on wine enthusiasts, especially introverted ones. This means that more individuals may drink wine in isolation, and more orders will be delivered to door steps post COVID.


This is the part you have to play to support the industry even in the midst of the COVID. You don’t have to wait till it’s all fine and rosy before you get back to buying your choice wine. Support your local winery today by making some purchases. And call on Cable wine systems to install a befitting cable rack for your wine storage needs. 

The industry is in trying times, but there is definitely a glimmer of light in the clouds. Even this too will pass.

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