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Renovations are an important part of growing up. They are mostly carried out to meet changing requirements, needs, or just to improve the appeal of a structure. While you may have decided to carry out a full renovation of your space, you might want to consider making provisions for that one need that’s usually neglected: the wine cellar.

Wine cellars have been around for as long as wine has. The deal is fewer people have been paying attention to having cellars in their homes because they feel it is too expensive, or isn’t exactly a need. 

However, the COVID situation for example has exemplified the need to have cellars in your home. This is especially true for wine enthusiasts. 

Couple that with the fact that more and more people are looking to wine to address the strains, and depression that is being caused by the COVID situation. And where else would they look to if not to wine? After all, it’s reputable for inducing happiness and drowning sorrow.

With the prices of wine on an upward slope, the need for a cellar is only a sensible decision, a decent place where you can store your wine, assured of its safety.


Why on earth would you need a cellar? Why get one? Well, Cable wines systems has put together a number of valid reasons why having a cellar is a plus.

  • Sophistication

There is something about a cellar that exudes sophistication. It makes you look classy and mature. One of the ways you can communicate your personality and philosophy to your visitors is by having the right kind of cellar in your house. 

  • Aesthetics 

There is an undeniable beauty that a cellar brings to the house (especially) the modern cellars. They significantly increase the appeal of the space while providing a functional solution to wine storage.

  • Storage Space

Wine needs proper storage space. Where else to store your wine but in a cellar. With a cellar, the wine is kept safe, and within acceptable temperature. Cable wine systems makes sure of this.

  • The Vogue

Right now, the best thing you could add to that living room or bar space of yours is a modern cellar. It’s the in thing right now. It’s the one little thing you can add to your space to make all the difference.


Well, in line with the current vogue, it would be cool to go with the modern cellar. It’s the perfect cellar for most homes with modern architecture. 

It has the sophistication, the minimalism and space management, the great view, the convenience, and the aesthetics which most individuals seek. Be wary, however, of acquiring cellars based on beauty alone. To get professional advice on the best type of cellar for your needs, simply contact Cable wine systems.


Adding a cellar to your existing renovation plans would make an excellent addition if done properly. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. You would have an exquisite cellar beautifying your living space, while affording you the functionality f holding multiple bottles of wine in different dimensions, and keeping you from long trips to the kitchen, or basement just to get a cup of red heaven.

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