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It’s difficult to imagine any kind of social gathering at your home without the inclusion of wine. It has always played an integral role in celebrations, which is why this generation has continued the tradition. Today oenophiles have also added their own flare to these social occasions through the way they choose to display their wine collections.
Contemporary wine racksCollectors today are hoping to create an experience with their cellar, one in which their guests can enjoy. Although it’s not suggested to try and double your cellar as an entertainment area, especially since the necessary conditions required for wine cellars aren’t ideal for hosting guests, today’s collectors are still finding creative ways to make their collections visible. The skill of cellar designers and versatility of contemporary wine racking systems have afforded collectors multiple options when constructing their cellars.

Creating a Shared Wine Drinking Experience

The recent popularity of metal wine racks and other contemporary fixtures has had an intriguing effect on how homeowners design their cellars and store their collections. Past wine storing traditions meant wine racks would be predominantly wooden and set against the walls in whichever room they were designed.
But today is different. With all of the current storage and cellar design options, including the use of metal racks, homeowners are now able to design cellars which display the wine collections in unique ways. And for those who are looking to offer guests more of an experience, having an adjoining tasting room is becoming a popular option. The tasting room is separate from the wine cellar so it doesn’t disrupt any of the conditions, but its proximity makes it possible to still view the collection while enjoying some of the selection.

Unparalleled Versatility

The flexibility of contemporary wine racking systems means homeowners can position their bottles in different spots throughout their home that isn’t possible with other rack designs. Metal racks fit well in corners, can be used to create floating shelves, and can accommodate any preferred bottle positioning nearly anywhere in the home. It’s also much easier to see the labels on the bottles using metal wine racks, which eliminates the need to constantly remove bottles from the system before locating the correct one.

Different Time, Same Great Wine

People have been drinking wine for centuries. However, wine is being appreciated today by a generation not typically associated with wine drinking. And that has brought a flare to wine collecting, drinking, and storage not seen in past traditions. Wine is being celebrated everywhere we turn; and in so many different ways. It truly is one of the most enjoyable pastimes, and we are seeing its appreciation evolve right in front of our faces.
This evolution of modern wine racking has made displaying wine part of the design of a home. It’s not something people hide, but in fact choose to show off just as they would an art collection or pieces of furniture. Wine collections have always been a part of the owner’s personality, only now that personality is able to be on full display.
Cable Wine Systems has created a contemporary wine racking system that is completely customizable to the design preferences of any homeowner. Using high quality stainless steel cables and chromed brass clamps, this system allows homeowners the flexibility to create whatever vision they have in mind for their own personal wine collection.
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