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  • Luxury living is in the details

    It was Hubert de Givenchy who said “The luxury is in the details”, but this simple phrase can be applied to so much more than the world of haute couture. When it comes to luxury living in the world of interiors, luxury is more than a feeling…it’s the little things we add that lend an indescribable air of indulgence to a home.
    One good dictionary definition of luxury is “conducive to sumptuous living…usually a delicacy or refinement rather than a necessity.” It’s easy to argue, though, that modern living demands some amount of luxury almost as a necessity. Anyone who has ever experienced the touch, smell, feel and sight of true luxury – even in its simplest form – can almost never go back to living with only the bare essentials.
    True luxury should be an experience for all the senses, making the beholder feel special. It’s no wonder that luxury homes everywhere pay extraordinary attention to the finest detail in order to make their occupants feel that they are getting the very best – and, by extension, that they are themselves the very best!

    Big ways to add luxury to your home

    Luxury homes, whether they’re mansion-sized or not, offer owners and their families the ultimate living experience. Whether you’re buying an already-upscale home or contemplating a major reno based on the latest luxury home trends, here are some macro details to take into account:

    • Cutting edge smart technology: this goes way beyond clappers. We’re talking about network-connected security systems, lighting, appliances, temperature control and much more that can be controlled remotely and entirely automated…because convenience is an important aspect of luxury living.
    • Spa bathroom: incorporate not only a shower stall separate from the whirlpool soaker, but a private steam room/dry sauna and nice luxury details like a touch-screen TV.
    • Chef’s kitchen: besides top of line appliances, you definitely want an optimized layout and restaurant-quality details, like heating drawers, a prep island and double ovens.
    • Design/build extras: luxury homes should have luxury craftsmanship; look for (or custom order) architectural features like art nooks, vaulted ceilings and archways.
    • Custom wine cellar featuring high end wine racking and finishes

    Small ways to add luxury to your home

    When we think of luxury, we often think of tactile experiences: how does it feel to touch velvet, see the sunlight glint off pure metals, feel a silk rug underfoot? When it comes to luxury living, the smallest details can make all the difference:

    • Sculptured brass handles and door knobs: splurging on designer fixtures can add a disproportionately immense amount of luxury to any room
    • Fresh flowers: so much more than scent and beauty, fresh flowers and greenery provide a connection to nature and, by definition, are luxurious, since they are far from a necessity
    • Spa accessories: don’t have a separate shower stall? Who cares, when you can buy a European shower head and water filter combo that turns an ordinary shower into a spa experience with directed jets of filtered water for softer skin and hair?
    • Cloth napkins: even if you’re still doing your own cooking, using gorgeous linens is a luxurious detail your guests will appreciate, too.

    At Cable Wine Systems, we specialize in luxury wine racking that looks amazing and functions beautifully, whether deployed in your private wine cellar or simply on a wall. It’s the best way to display your bottles while layering more luxury to your home.

  • Luxury Wine Racking Tips for Today’s Homeowner

    Homeowners today have a strong appreciation for wine and are choosing to include wine cellars or displays in their homes at increasingly high rates. Wine collectors of all levels require some kind of storage system. And not just any system—one that matches the luxury of their home.
    Once a homeowner has committed to collecting wine, they are usually surprised with the amount of wine storage and display options that are available. From custom wine cabinets to sliding doors, classic wood, and tensioned cables, today’s wine collectors have a wide array of luxurious features and finishes to choose from when determining where and how they would like to store their wine. Fortunately there are wine cellar professionals who can help create a design that is tailored to their home’s current style, feel, and size. Here are some of the most popular wine storage options available:

    Wine Refrigerators (also referred to as Wine Cabinets)

    This is probably the most traditional style of wine storage. Wood and/or metal wine cabinets are popular options and, depending on the size or scope of a homeowner’s collection, can be incorporated into an existing area (such as the kitchen) or they may be in a completely separate area of the home. Wine refrigerators or cabinets all feature wine cooling systems that will maintain wine bottles at the appropriate temperature for ideal preservation and long term storage.

    Custom Built Wine Cellars

    Climate controlled custom walk or reach-in wine cellars are quickly becoming the norm in many luxury home designs these days. Custom wine cellars create a feeling of warmth and tradition with the air of luxury and style that many of today’s homeowners strive for. Custom built reach-in wine cellars are particularly popular in more modern or contemporary spaces and are often incorporated into open concept great rooms, living or dining areas. These compact wine cellars often contain metal or cable wine racking and are encased in glass so that the homeowner’s wine collection becomes a focal point that is on display for all to see and appreciate.
    luxury wine racking    
    luxury wine racks  
      floating wine racks

    Wall Wine Storage Systems

    If a homeowner really doesn’t collect a large amount of wine but is looking to add wine storage as part of their decor without sacrificing too much space, they may want to consider wall wine storage. A simple accent wall displaying a small wine collection can not only add to a room’s interest and appeal, but can also evoke a modern contemporary feeling or rustic charm, depending on what type of wine racking is used.
    Whether your preference is for a wine cabinet, custom wine cellar or simple wine wall display, whichever wine storage system you choose should reflect your personal wine collecting and consumption habits and complement your home’s existing style. With the wide variety of wine storage options available on today’s market, you should have no difficulty finding a design and/or wine storage system that would work well for you.
    Cable Wine Systems has created a versatile wine racking system that is completely customizable to the design preferences of any homeowner. Using high quality stainless steel cables and chromed brass clamps, this system allows homeowners the flexibility to create whatever vision they have in mind for their own personal wine collection.
    Learn more about our award-winning wine racking system by browning our website.

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