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  • Adding Flare to Your Home with a Contemporary Wine Racking System

    It’s difficult to imagine any kind of social gathering at your home without the inclusion of wine. It has always played an integral role in celebrations, which is why this generation has continued the tradition. Today oenophiles have also added their own flare to these social occasions through the way they choose to display their
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  • Styling Your Home with a Contemporary Wine Racking System

    Even though the culture has shifted so that entirely new generations of wine collectors are now stocking wine in their homes, there is still a somewhat traditional perspective around how to go about storing that wine. Many people still have this dated idea of wooden wine racks pushed against a wall in a basement. Though
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  • Canada vs. The World: Canadians Consuming More Wine Than Ever

    The image of Canadians simply being beer drinkers is slowly giving way to a country that enjoys its wine. Canadians are drinking more wine now compared to 20 years ago. This may be surprising given our aforementioned reputation, but when you consider the fact that Canadians are known to produce some of the best wine
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  • Modern Wine Racks to Upscale Your Home Decor

    New home buyers have a lot to consider when searching for that perfect home. For typical first-time home buyers, or maybe even those upgrading to a larger home, features such as an updated or new kitchen, large family room, or multiple bedrooms with a fair sized backyard are important. But for upscale home buyers, those
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  • Luxury Wine Racking Tips for Today’s Homeowner

    Homeowners today have a strong appreciation for wine and are choosing to include wine cellars or displays in their homes at increasingly high rates. Wine collectors of all levels require some kind of storage system. And not just any system—one that matches the luxury of their home. Once a homeowner has committed to collecting wine,
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  • Cable Wine System Custom Wine Racking

    In today’s society, homeowners are expressing a growing interest in not only consuming wine, but also with collecting wines. More and more Millennials are choosing wine as their drink of choice and opting to install wine cellars in their homes. Having a wine collection is a show of appreciation for wine on a greater scale
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  • Tips for Displaying and Organizing Your Wine Rack

    You’ve taken the time to amass an enviable wine collection. Reds, whites, vintage, locally-made—every kind of wine you, your family, and your guests can and do enjoy. This is certainly something to be proud of, but now you’re tasked with finding specific bottles every time you want to serve. And if your collection is significant,
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